What is a Source?

Sources allow you to import and sync data from external APIs and databases to your Fluxo account.

After you connect a source, you don't need to worry about manually updating data ever again.

How to add a source?

Adding a source is simple and all you need to do is go to "Sources" on the menu, choose your source and follow instructions.

How often a source is updated?

Currently, we extract data from sources once a day. Please, let us know if you have any problems with that.

What are the current sources available?

Currently, we have two sources available:

  • QuickBooks Online: Extract and sync your Income Statement (P&L), Balance Sheet, and/or Cash Flow Statement from your QuickBooks account. (read more)
  • Xero: Extract and sync your Income Statement (P&L) and/or Balance Sheet from your Xero account. (read more)
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