What is a Source?

Sources are external APIs and databases that allow you to import and sync data from to your Fluxo account.

After you connect a source, you don't need to worry about manually updating data ever again.

Adding a Source

Adding a Source is a simple process that requires only a few clicks. A connected Source will import each account in your chart of accounts and will organize these accounts into their appropriate categories.

To get started, click on the Sources link in the navigation menu to go to the Sources page. Here you will see a listing of any connected Sources and their status along with a listing of the Sources that are currently available for connection.

Click the Connect button on the source you wish to add and then you will be taken through the authorization process for that Source. During this process, sign into your account and authorize Fluxo to have access.

Selecting companies / tenants

After you authorize your source, you will be brought to a screen where you can choose the companies you want to connect. After selecting companies on this screen, click Import to move to the next step.

Mapping the Chart of Accounts

After selecting the companies to import into Fluxo, the next step is to map the source to Tables and Rows within Fluxo. In most cases you will not need to perform any actions on this screen, but if needed, you are able to:

  • Skip importing items in the chart of accounts

  • Rename the Tables and Rows that will be created

  • Filter the visible chart of accounts by class

Note: Filtering the chart of accounts will not skip them during an import. This feaure is only to make mapping process easier.

After verifying the Source mapping into Fluxo, click the Map button at the top of the page to begin importing data.

The First Import

When you initially connect a source, the first import can take a few minutes to complete. While this process is happening, we will temporarily lock the Project that the source is connected to.

The Tables and Rows of a locked project are unable to be changed while the import is occurring. However, you can still manage connecting and mapping other sources while another import is processing.

Source Organization - Spaces

To keep things better organized, when connecting multiple sources for multiple companies, each company is automatically imported into its own Space with in Fluxo. (read more about Spaces)

Disconnecting a Source

If you no longer require a connected Source in Fluxo, from the Sources page you can choose to disconnect the source. Click on the menu button for the Source to disconnect and choose Disconnect Source

When disconnecting a Source, all the Rows that were connected to the Source will be converted to manual type with their last synced value. If you would like to remove the tables from your Project, you can simply delete the Space in your project that contains the Source Tables.

Resuming Importing or Mapping a Source

Once a Source is authorized, if you need to resume the connection process, your source will be flagged as Requires Attention and additional options will be available in the action menu for that Source. From these options you can pick up where you left off and continue connecting the Source.

How often a source is updated?

Currently, we extract data from sources once a day. Please, let us know if you have any problems with that.

What are the current sources available?

Currently, we have three sources available:

  • QuickBooks Online

  • Xero

  • Sage

The connection and import process is the same for all 3 available sources.

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