Tables represent a group of closely related line items that you want to view as a group.

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What is a Table?

Tables are the central piece of organization for your Fluxo projects. They represent a group of closely related line items that you want to view as a group.

It's similar to a sheet on Excel or Google Sheets, with the difference that your tables here already come formatted in a way that all you need is to add rows and values to create a plan, instead of having to deal with formatting and organization.

Creating a Table

There are a few different ways to manually create a Table.

From the Console Page

When on the Console page, click the Create New button at the top of the Tables widget. Select a Space and enter a name for the Table and click Create. Then you will be brought to the page for the new table

From a Table Page

When viewing a table, you can click the Create Table button in the upper right corner of the screen. This will create a new table within the Space you are currently viewing.

In the example above, the Legal & Professional Fees table is within the Expenses Space. If we click Create Table, the new table will be created within the Expenses Space

From the Space Menu

When navigation the Space menu, you are also able to click the + button in the lower right and select Create Table. Selecting this option will create a Table in the current Space of the menu.

After creating a Table from the Space Menu, you will remain on the current screen.

Other Table Actions

Once a Table is created, there are a few other actions that can be performed. These actions can be found in the Table Menu, which can be opened by clicking the ... to the right of the Table name.

Rename Table

From the Table Menu, select the Rename Table option. This will make the name area of the Table editable. Once you have updated the name, press Enter to save the changes.

If you have any formulas, models, or reports referring to the table, the reference will be updated automatically and the new name will immediately be reflected.

Move To Another Space

From the Table Menu, select Move To Another Space. Then you will be given a menu with a search box to select a Destination space. From the list, click on the space you want to move the Table.

Delete Table

From the Table Menu, select the Delete Table option to delete the Table and all Rows within it. This action is not reversible, so make sure you only delete tables if you really don't plan on using that data anymore.

If a Table includes Rows that are referenced in other Tables (either through formulas or models), the Table cannot be deleted. In this case we will show you which Rows are preventing deletion, so you can remove the references and delete the Table again.

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