What is a Table?

Tables are the central piece of organization for your Fluxo projects. They represent a group of closely related line items that you want to view as a group.

It's similar to a sheet on Excel or Google Sheets, with the difference that your tables here already come formatted in a way that all you need is to add rows and values to create a plan, instead of having to deal with formatting and organization.

Create Table

To create your first table, go to the tables section and click CREATE TABLE, on the following screen, just enter a name for your table and press ENTER .

Rename Table

To rename a table, press "..." on the right side of a table name and select "Rename Table" and type the new name.

If you have any formulas, models, or reports referring to the table, the referrence will be updated automatically.

Delete Table

To delete a table, press "..." on the right side of a table name and select "Delete Table".

This will delete the table and all rows within it. This action is not reversible, so make sure you only delete tables if you really don't plan on using that data anymore.

If a table includes rows that rows on other tables depend on (through formulas or models), the table will not be deletable.

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