Reports are used to monitor and share a summarized view of plans.

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What is a Report?

Reports are used to monitor and share a summarized view of plans.

Create a Report

To create a report, go to the Reports page and click Create Report button. Then, you will be presented with the Create Report Modal to select options for what you want to show.

  • Name: This is the report name.

  • Date Range: Select the start and end date of your report. These are going to be the dates of Actuals and Plans to be included in the visualization.

  • Plans: You can create a report with one or multiple plans included. If you select multiple, every plan will have a separate section on the report with key metrics and assumptions.

  • Key Metrics: Click the + to select what you want to measure with this report, try to focus on the metrics that matter, you don't have to select everything. For startups, these could be as simple as Revenue, Burn Rate, and Runway.

  • Assumptions: Click the + to select the main assumptions and drivers of your key metrics. The report will show the models included in these rows. You can only include assumptions that affect your key metrics.

Key Metric Aggregation

When viewing a Report, the values shown can be aggregated by Month, Quarter, or Year. When you add a Key Metric to a Report, you will be given a pop-up menu to select the type of aggregation to use: sum, average, min, max

If a selected Key Metric is a Formula that references other Rows, then you will be able to select Breakdown as the Aggregation Type and then can select the Aggregation Type for each reference.

Key Metric Groups

Key Metrics can be organized within Groups inside a report. The report will display each Group of Key Metrics within their own table and chart like the image below.

To create a new Key Metric Group, click the + Add Group button within the Report modal.

After clicking Add Group, a new area to add Key Metrics will appear. Enter a name for the new Group and add Key Metrics as needed.

Key Metric and Assumption Ordering

The order that Key Metrics and Assumptions are shown in the Report Modal will be the order they are shown on the Report. If you wish you re-order Key Metrics or Assumptions, simply click and drag the Key Metric or Assumption pill to the order needed and click Save to update the report.

Automatic Updates

Reports get updated automatically every 15 minutes with the most recent Actuals and Forecasts for every Plan included.

Sharing Reports

To share a report, view the report by clicking on the Report from the listing on the Reports page. Then click the Share" button at the top right.

Then will see the Report Share Modal. Click the Enable Sharing button to enable sharing. Below this button is a box that contains a link you can send to whomever you want to give access to.

Anyone with access to the link will be able to see the report, but they won't be able to see anything else in your account.

If you edit a report that you shared, the sharing link will remain active, and it will access the new (updated) version.

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