What are Actuals?

Actuals represent your historical data. On tables and reports, you will only see finalized Actuals. Every non-finalized month is instead showed as a forecast, based on models for each plan.

Every row can have a different type of Actual (even within the same table), the three types are:

  • Manual: are values that are manually inputted by you on a monthly basis.
  • Source: are values that are synced to an external service such as QuickBooks Online or Xero.
  • Formula: are values that are automatically calculated based on a function of other values in your Tables.


You can always edit manually inputted Actuals:

1) From the Actuals screen, by clicking Edit, entering different numbers and clicking Save;

2) Directly from the tables screen, by inputting a number directly into a cell and pressing Enter.

Finalize Month

When looking at Tables, only finalized Actuals will be visible as Actuals. Non-finalized months will only be visible on the Actuals screen, where they can be finalized.

You can finalize a month by selecting Finalize All at the top of the Actuals screen.

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