What are Plans?

Plans represent scenarios for your forecasts or budgets. Every Plan on your account shares the same Tables, Rows, Actuals, and Formulas.

What differentiates Plans are Models (and consequently, Forecast values). Changing Plans will change the Models applied to calculate Forecast values.

Managing Plans

Plans are managed from the below section located at the top of the Tables page

Create a New Plan

To create a Plan, click the Create Plan button. Then you will be given a field to enter the new Plan's name. Click the Create button to create the new plan.

After creating a plan, it will automatically become selected so that you may start creating Models for the new Plan.

Editing Existing Plans

Clicking on the Plan drop down on a Table page will show you a list of available plans. To edit an existing plan, click the ... on the right side of the Plan drop down. From here you are able to rename, freeze, duplicate, or delete your existing Plans.

Renaming a Plan

To rename a Plan, select Rename Plan from the Plan drop down menu. Then the name of the Plan will become editable in the drop down menu. Simple change the name and hit the Enter key to update the Plan name.

Freeze a Plan

Freezing a Plan will ensure that Fluxo will continue to calculate Forecasts from a specific month as new Actuals are added. This allows you to compare your past Forecasted values to the Actuals values.

In the above example, the Plan Base Scenario was Frozen starting in February 2020. You can tell a month is Frozen when the month header is colored blue. In this case, there are actual values entered for Feb 2020 and Mar 2020, but the forecasts still start from Feb 2020.

To Freeze a Plan, click on the ... for the Plan's row in the drop down menu, then select Freeze Plan. Next you will see a modal to select the starting month to Freeze the Plan. The month selected will be the first month we will start forecasting from - more specifically, if you select February 2020 then January 2020 will be the last month of Actuals used to Forecast.

Duplicate a Plan

Duplicating a plan will make a copy of a Plan and all of its assigned Models. This can be helpful to tweak specific values on your Model formulas without having to re-create the Plan from scratch. To duplicate a plan, select Duplicate from the Plan drop down menu. After a plan is duplicated, it will become the selected Plan and will show its Models on the Table.

After the duplicate is created, models on the new plan are completely independent of the original plan, so modifying one will not modify the other.

Delete Plan

To delete a plan, select Delete Plan from the Plan drop down menu. Then the Plan will be removed from the list.

Note: If a Plan is being used in a Report you will get a warning when attempting to delete it. Once you remove the Plan from the Report that is using it, you will be able to delete it.


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