Parameters make your models more dynamic.

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What are Parameters?

Parameters are custom variables that you can add to your projects, allowing you to use them in multiple models and change multiple assumptions at once. Parameters are only usable in Model custom formulas.

Managing Parameters

Parameters are managed by clicking the button at the top of a Table page.

Clicking this button will open a Modal where you can manage the Parameters for the current Project. From here we can create, update and delete Project Parameters.

Creating Parameters

To create a new Parameter, click the + button in the upper right of the Parameter Modal. This will add a blank row below your existing Parameters. Enter a new name and value, then click the Save button.

At this point your new Parameter will be usable in Model formulas.

Updating a Parameter Value

From the Parameter Modal, simply change the name or value for an existing parameter and click the Save button. Doing so will update the Parameter's value in all the formulas it is being used within.

Using Parameters

Once you have added parameters, you can use them from any Model created using a custom formula. When creating your model, you can insert parameters within the formula by manually typing param(name) in the formula field or by clicking a parameter on the list below the formula.

Deleting Parameters

From the Parameter Modal, if you hover over an existing Parameter row, a Delete icon will become visible. Clicking this icon will remove the Parameter from the current Project.

You are not able to delete Parameters that are in use. If you do so, we will warn you and show which row model formulas that are using the Parameter. Once there are no formulas referencing a Parameter, you will be able to remove it.

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