What are Spaces?

Spaces are a way to keep your information organized within Fluxo, so you can easily find and navigate to where you need, and can easily see the separation between different companies or categories of tables. Think of a Space like a folder that can contain Tables and other Spaces.

When viewing a Table, the Space navigation bar will be visible above the Table. This navigation will show the path of Spaces from the current Project down to the Table being viewed: Current Project -> Space 1 -> Space 2

Each item in the navigation bar will show the other Space and Tables assigned under that level. You are able to navigate forward and backward from each level in the drop downs.

Creating Spaces

Spaces can be created 2 ways:

  • Manually

  • Importing from a Source (automatically)

You can manually create a Space from within the navigation bar by clicking the + button. A new Space will be nested inside the Space it is created within.

You can also choose to create a Table under the current Space from this same menu. Tables can only be created within Spaces, so this option is not available when viewing the Spaces at the Project level.

Space Context Menu

While in the navigation menu for a space, if you right-click on a Space you will be given a context menu with 3 options:

  • Rename

  • Move Space to Another Space

  • Delete

Renaming Spaces

By selecting Rename from the Space context menu, you will be given a modal where you can update the name of a Space.

Moving a Space to Another Space

Spaces (and their contents) can be moved around the hierarchy. When selecting Move To Another Space from the context menu, you will be a screen like below. From here, you can search for and select a destination for the current Space to move into.

Deleting a Space

Selecting Delete Space from the context menu will delete a Space and all of its children: both other Spaces and Tables. If a Space contains other items, you will be asked to type in the Space name to confirm deleting.

While deleting a Space, if there are external rows which reference items within the Space being deleted, you will be given a warning showing the conflicting rows.

To resolve this, visit the rows listed and remove the rows to be deleted from the corresponding formula.

In the above case, we would need to remove the formula references from rows Test 1 and Test 2 in the Table Automobile, which is located under Spaces: Sandbox Company_US_2 -> Expenses. After this is complete, the Space and its contents will be able to be removed.

Moving Tables between Spaces

You can also move Tables between Spaces as needed. To do so, select Move to Another Space from a Table's action menu.

Identifying a Row's Space

Throughout the application, whenever a Table or a Row is referenced within Fluxo, a breadcrumb trail of its spaces will be visible. This is to help discern between Tables and Rows from different Spaces that could have the same name.

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