A project is a self-containing entity that contains Tables, Plans, Models, Connections, and Reports. Everything that happens in Fluxo happens inside a project.

Project Settings

Projects have several configurable settings.

Name - Identifies the project within your account. This should be a descriptive name that has meaning

Fiscal Year End - The last month of the fiscal year for the companies contained in the project. This date is used to determine when Forecasts will end for the project and is used in Reports

Actual Start Date - The first month that actual values will be entered.

Forecasting Length - Represented as number of years. As you finalize Actuals, we will adjust Forecasts to include x Forecast Length years.

Create a Project

To create a project, start by visiting the Projects page by selecting Projects from the main navigation menu. Then click the Create Project button in the top right of the screen, fill out the form that pops up and click Next

Once a project is created with its default values, you can decide to take a few different actions to initialize the project:

  • Connect a businesses accounting software to Fluxo via Sources

  • Add Templates for common business types

  • Start with a blank project to create tables and rows manually

A project can be created with multiple Sources and/or multiple Templates.

Once a projects data sources and templates are selected, click the Build Project button to start the setup process.

If you have added multiple Sources or Templates to a project, each Source or Template will be created within its own Space. Once all Sources and Templates are created, we will also generate a Consolidation Space within the project. This space will simply aggregate the basic financials into one Space within the project. This can be useful when building forecasts for several companies.

Note: Building a new project can take some time to complete (especially when importing accounting data). You will not be able to view a project until it has finished its initial processing.

Each Space within a project will be marked while it is processing in the background, see the animated loading bard below.

Once a project build is complete, we will also generate a sample Report using the newly imported financial data. Read more about Reports here.

Edit a Project's Settings

After a project is initially created, you are able to edit its Name, Fiscal Year End, Actual Start Date, and Forecast Length.

To get started making changes to a Project's settings, first select My Account from the main navigation menu and click the Project link in the sidebar. Then find the Project to edit in the listing to the right and click the Edit Button for that project.

Note: You must be a Project Owner in order to make changes to its settings

Once you have made changes to the Project Settings, click the Save button to update the settings. When changing the Fiscal Year End, Actual Start Date, or Forecast Length of a project, it may take a few minutes to process behind the scenes.

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